Custom Portraits

Monday, October 12, 2009

Art Pendants!

My Art Pendants are finally ready and I've put a few of them
in my Etsy Shop. I LOVE jewelry and always wanted to find
a way to incorporate my art into something wearable. I had tried all sorts of ways to go about making pendants but never really liked the processor the end result until I made these:) Go to my Etsy shop for more info and closeups.


Lauren Maurer said...

you did a really great job photographing them, Alisa! they look beautiful!

Alisa said...

hey Lauren, thanks! A lot of work but I can use the photos again if the item sells and I replace it with another. Hope they sell:)

Bear Chick said...

I really like the new pendants and hearted The Stalker.

Alisa said...

Thanks Bear Chick!