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Monday, August 17, 2009

Dave's Daisies


This was painted on Arches cold press 140 lb,
with M. Grahamwatercolors. It's 17" or 16" x 12
(can't recall the width)
I am really liking the 140lb these days as opposed
to 300lb, I find the watercolors have more of a mind of their
own on 140, and I really like that rebel quality.

Sold this one the day after posting it on my facebook
art page, and it just DELIGHTS me that someone fell in
love so fast! The prints turned out really nice too,
which isn't always the case.

I have been so busy with making prints and other "stuff",
that I have been neglecting my painting a lot,
so I am trying hard to MAKE time to paint and
make it a priority, as it should be! Just started a painting
of cherry blossoms today, hope to post it soon!
Love, Alisa:)


Marie Theron said...

You can do no wrong, girl! These daisies are very beautiful. You are absolutely in command of your medium.

Alisa said...

awww, thankyou marie! Trust me though, I can do SO wrong sometimes LOL!

Lauren Maurer said...

Wow. Wow. I love the blue. Love it! Great job, Alisa!

Alisa said...

hey Lauren! thankyou:)

Edward Burton said...

WOW, your watercolors are absolutely beautiful, Alisa!

Rita said...

Dave's Daisies is absolutely gorgeous!